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1.Deliveries in Bulk. G P Marketing Ltd (T/A Patterson Oil) does not accept the
responsibility for the dipping checking or testing of the Buyers tanks. This
together with the obligation to see that the truck operator couples up with the
correct feed on the Buyers tanks rest entirely upon the Buyers. The Buyers
shall also be responsible for ensuring that the storage into which the delivery
is to be made will accommodate the full quantity ordered.

2. The Company’s measurements of quantity shall be accepted by the Buyers,
and in the case of preheated oils shall be corrected to standard gallons at 60 °F
or litres at 15°C the Company’s reading of which shall be conclusive and
binding upon both parties.

3. Irrespective of the date of order all products supplied are chargeable at the
prices ruling on the day of delivery.

4. Payment for supplies will be effected by cash on delivery in accordance with
terms established from time to time by the Seller. Interest on overdue
amounts shall be payable at 3% per month above the base lending rate of the
Seller’s Bankers.

5. Price on the invoice assumes that conditions relating to that price are met
otherwise the appropriate premium will be added.

6. Ownership of Goods supplied shall pass only when payment has been
received by us in full and not on delivery of goods.

7. The buyer is responsible for providing suitable storage AND FOR ENSURING
indemnify the Seller against claims, damages, expenses or costs which may
arise as a result of the Buyer not observing these conditions.

8. If the ordered volume does not fit in the Buyer’s tank/container then the price
will be readjusted to the nearest 100 litres as priced on date of order and a
credit will be raised on your account with us.

9. It is a condition that every bulk sale through hose that the quantity shown on
the tank wagon dip rod or other measuring devices employed by the seller
shall, for the purposes of accounts be accepted by the Buyer as the quantity
delivered. The Seller does not accept any responsibility whatever for a
discrepancy in the Buyer’s tank dip rods or other measuring devices,
therefore the Buyer should when convenient to himself be present at the
taking of measurements to verify them. If on delivery the Buyer or any
representative of the Buyer whether or not for the purposes of verifying the
Seller’s measurements of quantity for that delivery, mounts any tank wagon
used on that delivery the Buyer or his representative (as the case may be)
shall do so at his own risk and the Seller accepts no responsibility whatsoever

10. It is the responsibility of the Buyer that all measuring devices e.g. gauge
valves, are in a secure state and fit for an oil delivery.

11. The Seller shall not be responsible for any failure to make deliveries if
fulfilment has been delayed, hindered or prevented by any circumstances
whatsoever which are not within the Seller’s immediate control.

12. If the buyer defaults on payments of the monies due, the Seller shall have the
right to enter upon any premises where the products are located and take
possession of and remove the same.

13. If 205 litre 180kg and/or 120 litre barrels are deemed by the Sellers
nominated barrel reconditioners agent to be unfit for reconditioning no refund
will be payable.

14. Prices include any government tax (other than Value Added Tax) in force at
the time of supply. Any variation in the rate of existing tax or any additional
taxation for the Buyer’s account. Value Added Tax if applicable will be
charged separately.

15. No products obtained from the Seller will be used as a fuel in mechanically
propelled vehicles constructed or adapted for use on the roads in
contravention of the Hydrocarbon Oil (Customs and Excise) Act 1971 and/or
amending legislation.

16. In accepting this delivery the Buyer warrants that the Buyer is entitled to
purchase the Seller’s products outside any contractual commitments with any
other party and indemnifies the Seller against any claim by any such other
party arising from any such contractual commitment.

In normal use, fuel is safe, but please observe the following precautions:
(a) This product supplied is FLAMMABLE and in the event of fire, a CO2 foam or
dry powder extinguisher should be used.
(b) DO NOT USE WATER as this could spread the fire.
Avoid handling the product, if splashed onto the eyes or swallowed seek
immediate medical assistance.
(c) This product should be stored in a properly constructed, installed and
maintained tank.

18. Due to the nature of the products, the Seller shall not be responsible for oil
traces left by the delivery tanker or equipment on the Buyer’s property.

19. Acceptance of delivery will be treated as acceptance of the foregoing