Did you know that the Energy Saving Trust says that, if we are all a little more energy efficient, we could save up to £325 per year per household!!! That’s a new outfit and quite a few coffee dates! To start making a saving today, just follow the tips below!

• Replacing old boilers (older than 6 years) with a modern condensing boiler you can potentially save up to £200 a year! Modern boilers are required to be at least 88% efficient. This means that if you pay £100 for oil, at least £88 will go directly into heating your home. The better the efficiency, the greater the saving!
• Get to know your boiler – Did you know all boilers have an energy efficiency score? The score is given as a Percentage and as a Grade ‘A-D’. Check yours out to see how it performs.
• Turn your thermostat down! Reducing your room temperature by 1°C you could save up to 10% off your annual fuel bill. Remember to check your thermostat to make sure it is accurate.
• Insulating your hot water tank can save you around £40 per year.
• Turning appliance off at the wall socket when not in use instead of leaving them on standby could save you up to £35 per year!


For more information on Energy Efficiency, visit the Consumer Council website.