Oil remains the cheapest heating fuel in Northern Ireland with prices falling to £840 annually.

The Irish News reported this month that Oil Heated households are now paying over 40% LESS than they did 4 years ago. This is at least double that of any other major heating fuel according to the latest data from the Sunderland Tables.

Whilst mains gas users and electricity users face a time of uncertainty, with energy suppliers recently announcing further prices rises of up to 15%, oil householders have benefited from falling prices throughout 2017. For the estimated 500,000 households that continue to use heating oil in Northern Ireland, this is welcomed news.

David Blevings (OFTEC Ireland manager) has encouraged consumers to take advantage of the low price and fill their tanks ahead of the winter months.  seo ireland

Remember, regular servicing of you boiler and heating system can help you maximize your heating oil savings.